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Adrienne’s Trip to the Romance Writers’ of America’s Award Ceremony

Read Adrienne’s fabulous blog post about her trip to the BIG APPLE last year to cover this event for Romance Matters – the RNA in-house magazine.


2015-08-08 11.03.00.jpg

This is me with the bag she bought me because she thinks I’m an old hippie. (she could be right). She also put a ‘cent’ inside it, for good luck.

For the record, (no pun intended) I don’t only listen to Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, I have Simon and Garfunkel vinyl LPs, too.

2015-08-05 09.51.39

I couldn’t resist posing for her !!

One day It’ll be our turn to step up onto that stage and get an award.

#Twitter Work-Out from 30 mins A Day #Bloggers #Writers #Authors @rosieamber1

Sone great Twitter tips here !!

The Write Stuff

TWITTER Work-out From just 30 minutes a day.

Recently I’ve been working hard to increase my readership and Twitter following, here is what has been working for me.

Amber rose

Blog – When you write a blog post add Hashtags and Twitter @ Handles in the title, it makes them SUPER easy to share.

Twitter– When you write your tweets always use Hashtags and Twitter Handles.

Search for an author/guest twitter Handle on Twitter, or Goodreads (under their Author info) or Amazon bio.

TIP – Authors, make your Twitter handle easy to find, make it as close to your pen-name as possible, make sure you have a profile on Goodreads and Amazon (Profiles need to be added to each different Amazon site you wish to be found on)

SHARING IS CARING – Building your audience and your platform requires SHARING. Make every tweet and share WORK. ADD Hashtags and Twitter handles…

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Join Tuesday Talk as we chat to Lizzie Lamb about celebrity dinner guests…and hot men in kilts

Many thanks to Jo Lambert for following up her excellent review of Scotch on the Rocks by publishing this interview blog between us.

jo lambert - writer

Good morning Lizzie and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself?
Good Morning Jo, thanks for inviting me onto your blog.
I live in Leicester with my husband (aka Bongo Man) and a mad parrot called Jasper. I was born in Scotland and lived there until I was eleven years old and my father moved south to find work – a familiar story, yes? I return to Scotland regularly to see friends and family and it helps to keep me on top of how things have changed and what’s stayed the same. I thought I’d write one Scottish-themed novel as a homage to my roots but it appears that readers can’t get enough of men in kilts, especially readers in the US, so I’m about to embark on my third. (I love writing about Scotland, incidentally). In the interests of authenticity, I have to…

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Review of Scotch on the Rocks by Barb Taub


Many thanks to Barb Taub for this fabulous Review of Scotch on the Rocks. I adore it and she totally got the essence of my novel. Here’s the link  . . .


Review of Scotch on the Rocks by Lizzie Lamb

Many thanks to Jo Lambert for this fabulous review of Scotch on the Rocks. I think I’ve almost converted her to the pleasures of an auburn haired hero. Shades of Jamie on Outlander, definitely.

jo lambert - writer

BookCoverImage (CS) 27th May (1)When I first started reading Scotch on the Rocks and was introduced to Brodie, I thought six foot three – yes; green eyes – yes; auburn hair….aah.  You see I’ve never been a great fan of men with any red in their hair.  My favourite heroes are dark, brown or blond but never flame haired. However…I have to say as I continued to read, I became quite smitten with Brodie McIntosh.  In fact by the end of the book this hot American marine biologist had got right under my skin!

Scotch on the Rocks is a story packed full of characters plus an outrageously verbally abusive parrot called Pershing.  Ishabel Stuart returnsto Cormorant Island where she grew up, bringing back her father’s ashes for a commemoration service.  She has left behind a well-paid job and at the same time broken her engagement to the feckless Jack Innes-Kerr, her boss’s son…

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Wanna Know Why I became a Writer?

Many thanks to Kim the Bookworm for featuring me on her blog. So many of my writing heroes are there,  I feel a very privileged to appear alongside them.2016-01-13 10.41.31.jpg

2016-01-13 11.29.45.jpg

Book Review – Kim the Bookworm

Many thanks to Kim the Bookworm for reviewing Scotch on the Rocks.  Full review here:  

Here is the promo I made using 


If you’d like to buy a copy of Scotch on the Rocks, here’s the link – SOTR

Thank you,


2015 – My Year in photos #2

1-Latest Gary poster.jpg


With three novels under my belt we headed to Bonnie Scotland in July to research number four. No rest for the wicked, eh? Having just watched the Outlander Series (based on the novels by Diane Gabaldon), I was interested to visit some of the locations where filming had taken place.

Then it was on to Ballachulish and a tour of Castle Stalker by the owner. The castle in my next novel, Castle Tèarmannair, is loosely based on Castle Stalker (see below). Check out the fabulous tour buses designed by Gary Walker.

 In September Bongo Man was 65 and we celebrated in style.

2015-12-23 09.18.48-1

We are real nerds and the highlight of that summer was having a pair of Jays take up residence in our garden. They disappeared from September until November but have now returned to delight us every morning with their antics and are becoming much tamer.

In October managed a week away in the Cotswolds and I was able to give a copy of Scotch on the Rocks to Maggie. We’ve been friends since 1978  when we met at an Open University summer school and the book is dedicated to her. Her only complaint about my writing is that there aren’t enough murders in my books. No wonder the Kelpie is laughing.

In October I became a member of Carole Matthew’s Chocolate Lovers’ Club team and hosted an evening with my girlfriends to celebrate the launch of her latest book – the Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas. I received free copies which I distributed to my book club, a tiara, chocs and an advent calendar. I also received an advance copy of  The Chocolate Lover’s Wedding – Carole knows how to do things in style. #myguru

Tall Dark and Kilted received its 100th review in December and I felt that was worthy of celebration. And, out of the blue, I had a wonderful shout out in the Scottish Daily Record – the icing on the cake this year. I’ll be writing a blog post about that in 2016.

Looking back over the second half of the year I realise that I’ve been promoting more than I’ve been writing and I’ll have to rectify that. But it hasn’t all been about books and writing . . .  I’ve also spent time with my family, have welcomed a great nephew – Leonidas Daniel Alexander – into the world and had a wonderful Christmas with Bongo Man and Jasper.

In between doing all of the above I have managed to find time to create a newsletter! Do subscribe to it while you’re on this page . . . I hope to host giveaways, sneak previews of my new novel – including cover reveals  – and the odd chapter or two. I’d love you to be part of it.

2015-11-25 18.28.39

So, what does 2016 hold for me? 

 I’ve been asked to give a talk on self-publishing to third year creative writing students at De Montfort University and I’m very thrilled about that.

Kilworth poster V3 (1)

 I’m also co-hosting two charity events with Adrienne Vaughan: one in February and another in June And, of course, I have a  novel to write – I’m currently on 12k words; only another 90k to go. Simples.

 Do let me know how 2015 panned out for you and what 2016 holds in store. Be Healthy and Happy and – as they say in Scotland – LANG MAY YER LUM REEK.2016-01-01 12.24.24


Scotch On The Rocks by @lizzie_lamb #Contemporary #Romance #Scotland #Bookreview

Many thanks to Rosie Amber for this fabulous review of Scotch on the Rocks, If you don;t already follow her blog, give it serious consideration. She’ll be your gateway to many new authors.

Rosie Amber

Scotch on the Rocks: A contemporary romance set in the highlands of ScotlandScotch on the Rocks: A contemporary romance set in the highlands of Scotland by Lizzie Lamb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scotch on the Rocks is a wonderful romance set on a small Scottish island. Pull up a chair by a cosy fire and dive into this tale of love lost and found.

It opens with a daring dash across a tidal causeway by Ishabel Stuart to the island of Eilean na Sgairbh or Cormorant Isand. With her father strapped safely in the back seat she has just minutes to make it before the sea engulfs the only access to the island for another few hours.

Gunning the engine and with the water lapping at the wheels Issy is desperate to make it to the safety of the island and the waiting arms of her Aunt Esme, where she can lick her wounds and hide from the world. But…

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My 2015 – photo album -part one

In January we took the train to Huddersfield and drove home with our new campervan – let the adventure begin !

Jasper was 19 years old in February  and as cheeky as ever.

In March saw me getting down to business – visiting the Birmingham Chapter of the RNA, holding a meeting at the Belmont Hotel for New Romantics Press and our RNA chapter The Belmont Belles.

2015-03-11 13.05.12It was my birthday in March and here I am celebrating with Bongo Man, Joan and Maisie at The Case, Leicester.  Later in March I attended the RONA awards in London, met two of my favourite authors (Carole Matthews and Jill Mansell).

We attended our niece’s wedding at Bickleigh Castle in Devon. Cue silly hat moment. Oh, we also saw Richard III interred – an historic moment for Leicester, and in its own way quite romantic, in a historical sense.

After the wedding we took the caravan into Cornwall and visited old haunts, including the ‘gin balcony’ in Polperro. Oh, and I finished the final draft of  SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS. With Jasper’s help, naturally.

In May I sent Scotch on the Rocks to be formatted. After a few glitches I was able to order my proof copy to check for typos etc.

I’d forgotten how long this last bit up the publishing process takes, but eventually, in June I pressed the ‘go’ button and my first box of books arrived.

Scotch on the Rocks was launched in July and within two weeks it achieved BEST SELLER status in its genre – historical >Scottish. I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of my lovely husband – Bongo Man. The only hero a girl needs.


We’re halfway through the year. If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, catch part two next week when I canter through the remaining months of 2015. Happy New Year to everyone, Lizzie xx


Today is the last day when you can download Scotch on the Rocks for 99p/$1.47. From Monday 4th January it reverts to full price . . .

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