Summer Magic – Romance in the Court

Romance in the Court, hosted by David Headley, managing director of Goldsborough Books and literary agent is a fabulous event and one of the highlights of my summer. On Thursday, I travelled down to London with fellow New Romantic Press author, Adrienne Vaughan to join writers, agents, bloggers and publishing representatives at Cecil Court WC2. 1-PhotoFunia-1495785178

Adrienne had to buy ‘emergency shoes’ from Dune in St Pancras en route (as one does) and I waited patiently, knowing resistance was futile. A taxi ride through London always sets us up for these events and we really felt the buzz on this warm, summer evening.  First stop was Cote Brasserie across the road from Cecil Court to refuel. As we sat sipping our wine, Sir Roy Strong walked past looking very dapper, which was apt considering it is Chelsea Flower Show week. Last time Ade and I had a similar outing we bumped into Dustin Hoffman. Well, I bumped into him, Ade was too busy looking at shoes in Tod’s window on Kensington High Street.  Shoes, again? Honestly!

David’s hospitality is legendary and his young staff so friendly and accommodating (thank you Emily et al)  that in no time we had picked up our author badges, a glass of ice cold prosecco and started mingling. As you can see from this photo, the court was soon buzzing as we met up with fellow RNA members and others from the publishing industry. I was able to hand out promotional postcards announcing the publication of my latest book: GIRL IN THE CASTLE, which I am very thrilled about.

The interior of Goldsborough Books is fascinating, with many signed first editions behind glass-fronted bookcases.There are also many contemporary novels on sale, and I spotted many favourite authors on the shelves. There is a sign on the stairs suggesting that it leads to Hogwarts, but I was having too much fun to follow it.

Sadly, we had to leave to catch a taxi back to St Pancras for the ten o’clock to Leicester. We are very much looking forward to the RNA Summer Conference when we will meet up with our writer friends once more. Here’s my blog post about last year’a Romance in the Court if you would like to read it.

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Footnote: many friends at the event wanted to know more about our caravan trip to Cornwall (where I did a fair impersonation of a drowned rat), and to hear more of the antics of our parrot, Jasper, who travels with us. Here he is, and here am I with writer Rosemary Smith,  who I met up with in St Mawes, presenting her with a signed paperback of Girl in the Castle.

 If you would like to read a sample, share or buy Girl in the Castle please  click here 2017-05-23 07.32.35

So – here’s to Romance in the Court 2018 when I hope the weather gods smile on us. Thank you for reading this blog post – if you feel like sharing with others, the buttons can be found below.

About Lizzie Lamb

I write contemporary women's fiction mostly based in Scotland with hot heroes, feisty heroines and always a happy ending. Along with three other authors - Adrienne Vaughan, June Kearns and Margaret Cullingford - I formed the New Romantics Press under which our books are published. I have published six books since 2012, the latest being Harper's Highland Fling. I am currently working on #7 which I hope to publish in 2022. In the meantime, do check out my Amazon page: and click 'FOLLOW' to keep up to date with me and my news.

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  1. Helen Pollard

    Sounds like a great evening, Lizzie 🙂 I can’t believe you once bumped into Dustin Hoffman! He was my teenage heartthrob!

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  2. Lizzie, what a brilliant post & pics. The event sounds fab. I hope Ade’s shoes held out! 😉 Xx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Helen, he was small but beautifully marked. All kidding aside, he looked pretty fit for his age. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • She managed it thru the night. Lol. Sensibly (ahem) I wore my boring-but-comfortable sandles. Even I draw the line at flip flops !


    • Great post Jan, I agree, loads of mates there you would have loved it. New shoes worked a treat, I had shoes all planned but ‘lost’ them. Suspect they by accident went to the charity shop … brand new, never worn … but I had to buy two pairs of emergency ones any way so all good. X


  3. What a great day out. Almost on a par with Mallaig! Carry on with the good work. Proud of you kid.

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  4. What a fabulous post! Envy is a sin isn’t it, but I SO wish I could have been there. Glad so many of my friends had such a great time

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  5. Sounds and looks like a great evening. Thanks for writing about it.

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  6. Oh, thank you for the report, Lizzie! As I’ve said, almost like being there! In fact, I just KNEW Ade would go for the shoes (again LOL). I wonder how you could cope with the two of us. (Dustin Hoffman, you’ve been warned LOL).
    Hope the gods will smile at me next year, who knows, I may even manage to come, at long last! Isa 🙂 xx

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  7. Fabulous post Lizzie, you a such a brilliant photo-journo, Rog would be proud, I know I am. Thanks a million for great ‘night out’. Beats Bingo! X

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  8. Really fun reading it Lizzie – especially your wit and observatory skills! You are so clever in putting it all together combined with the photos. I have to start writing blogs for my website soon – wished I knew where to start 🤔 Still busy reading ‘Girl in the Castle’ and enjoying it very much!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much for taking the trouble to pop along to my blog Astrid. I think the key to having a lively blog is to take as many photos as you can with your phone camera and to start building up files on your computer. So glad that you’re enjoying Girl in the Castle. I hope to see you one of these day soon.


  9. Super post, Lizzie. Thanks for sharing your Summer Magic with us. x

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