My Writerly Year 2018 # part one

Happy New Year to all my followers and friends. I thought I’d look back over 2018 to see what I’d achieved in the writerly sphere. I was surprised by the result . . . So, in reverse order, starting with December here’s what I’ve been up to.

Another cracking meeting of the Belmont Belles which I organise with June Kearns. To round up the year’s activities we were honoured to have best selling romance author Carole Matthews as our guest. Cue an inspirational talk and fabulous Q&A session. Also in December, much To my surprise I won a £40 amazon voucher from Kindle Direct Publishing to spend on author copies of my novels. Colour me lucky.

In November I was invited to appear alongside Sue Moorcroft and Heidi Jo Swain at Upminster library to meet readers and talk about my path to publication. A thrilling moment for an indie author was made extra special when I learned that the library had ordered copies of my novels – hopefully I might get some PLR revenue from that.

Adrienne Vaughan and I went to London, Waterstones Piccadilly to be precise there we attended Sue Moorcrofts launch for A Christmas Gift and bumped into many RNA pals. Great evening out which set us up for the festive season. That happened less than a week after my second cataract operation, so I was glad Adrienne was there for support. She makes for a pretty glamorous guide dog.

October saw the inaugural meeting of the East Midlands Chapter of the Society of Authors in Leicester. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a friendly and supportive group which met at THE HEAD OF STEAM in Market Street. The highlight of the month was being invited to talk to a large group of final year students at De Montfort University on the subject of indie publishing. They’ve asked me back next year and to attend the States of Independence book fair in March 2019.

I’m a great believer in learning from successful authors and so it was a no brainer to attend a master class featuring Cathy Bramley and Carole Matthews at Waterstones in Nottingham. The talk was entertaining and informative and the queue of readers waiting to have their books signed was something I can only dream about.

I organised for Kim Nash, publicity officer at Bookouture, to come along to the Belmont Belles to explain her role and to dispel one or two myths regarding what Bookouture requires from authors. I can’t quite decide if I’m ready to give up my indie status and get locked into a contract as I like the freedom to write what I like, when I like. But – as 007 said – never say never. Right?

In October I attended a SOA meeting in Oxford at Balliol College, where I bumped into RNA members, Liz Harris and Julia Roberts . Dave and I had lunch in the Eagle and Child where Tolkien and other ‘Inklings’ met to talk and write and where he penned some of Lord of the Rings. I hope some of the magic rubbed off on me.

September saw my returning to the Norfolk Marshes to celebrate the fifth birthday of Boot Camp Bride. I visited the locations which inspired the novel. If you’d like to learn more about that visit, click here.

While in Norfolk I made the most of the opportunity to meet up with Kate Hardy and Rosie Hendry in Thornham where we swapped our latest novels.

I’ve appeared on other blogs this year and I always appreciate the time and effort bloggers put into publicising me and my books. I’ll just mention a couple of my favourites, starting with Jena’s Golden Chapters via writer and blogger Jessie Cahalin. You can read the full review here.

I appeared on Sharon Booth’s blog where I described my life in FIVE photos. That was great fun – do pop along and see it if you have time. (Yep, that’s me – determined and cussed.LOL)

I was really chuffed to appear on Being Anne’s list of romances she’d enjoyed in 2018. Anne is an incredible blogger: committed, supportive and widely read.

Well, that about wraps up Part One of my Literary Journey this year. Tune in next time for Part Two (August – January) to learn what 2019 holds in store.

And, as they say in Scotland Happy New Year and Lang May Yer Lum Reek.

About Lizzie Lamb

I write contemporary women's fiction mostly based in Scotland with hot heroes, feisty heroines and always a happy ending. Along with three other authors - Adrienne Vaughan, June Kearns and Margaret Cullingford - I formed the New Romantics Press under which our books are published. I have published six books since 2012, the latest being Harper's Highland Fling. I am currently working on #7 which I hope to publish in 2022. In the meantime, do check out my Amazon page: and click 'FOLLOW' to keep up to date with me and my news.

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  1. Wow! An impressive high profile year and this is Part 1. How do you manage to fit all of this into your time? You are a ‘superauthor’! I can’t wait to read the next book.
    We were delighted to celebrate the Golden Chapter collaboration with you. Cheers to you and 2019!

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    • Thanks Jessie. I didn’t quite realise how much I’d done till I looked back! It soon stacked up, and I’ve left lots out. Thanks again to you and Jenna for hosting me on the Golden Chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!! Fabulous post, Lizzie – so newsy and entertaining. What a lot you’ve achieved – and as Jessie commented – only part one!! (I love that picture of you at five years old with the don’t-mess-with-me stance!)
    Looking forward to part two!


    • Morning June, as I said to Jessie, it’s only when I look back that I realise how much I’ve done. Hope to get back to the WIP this weekend. Looking forward to hearing all your writing news, too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So many wonderful memories here, and so many achievements! Looking forward to reading part two 😊
    Brilliant photos, as usual. Happy New Year, from me and La Diva 😂😂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Isabella. Keeping busy keeps me out of mischief. I know you’ve shared some of these events with me, La Diva. More good times lie ahead, hope to see you in February.


  4. My word, Lizzie, what a busy few months and that’s just part 1! Well done on all your talks, achievements, blog appearances and all round success. You fully deserve it. More of the same for you in 2019 I suspect. Ever-supportive and an inspiration to us all. xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jan, it helps me to know that I have reader and writer friends who give me support and appreciate my efforts. It’s great to know that if:when I get stuck I can call upon that support, best of luck with your writing? too.


  5. Even when you think you’re not busy … you’re flying all over the place! Great being part of your ‘writerly year’ and long may it continue. Here’s to 2019! X

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    • Hi Adrienne, in the words of the song: I get by with a little help from my friends. I think we all spur each other on, and support each other. The excitement of starting a new book always appeals me. I feel ready to make a proper start. Happy New Year.

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  6. Wow, what a year, Lizzie! Congratulations on your many successes, and may 2019 be as good, or even better. xxx

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    • Happy Sunday, Liz. That SOA bash was a great event and I loved looking round Balliol. Hope to catch up with you before too long and to keep good my promise to visit the Oxford Chapter one day.


  7. What a time you had, Lizzie – onwards and upwards in 2019!

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    • Thanks Linn. If we don’t pursue our goal/dream, no one else will. Thank you for your support on our re-tweeting writers’ group.


  8. Thank you for sharing Lizzie, love the feisty childhood shot of you! xx

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  9. Reblogged this on New Romantics Press and commented:

    What a year. Here’s how the later half – December – September went. Tune in next time to find out more. Thanks, Lizzie xx


  10. If you want/ need a job doing ask a busy person, as they say. A great high-profile year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ros. My best friend who was a WRVS area organiser always said that. I’ll be mentioning the Deeping Literary Fest in my next post.,


  11. Hi, Lizzie, I enjoyed reading about all your visits etc and found it very interesting. I myself have been very ill this year, but thank goodness I am still here and hopefully when I feel better have a new impetus for the books I have written and I hope to sell as usual. Well done, Lizzie, for becoming a great suthor. Helen x.


    • Hi Helen, I saw on Facebook that you hadn’t beenwell. Did you receive the Christmas card I sent? I did wonder if you’d changed address. The writing keeps us going, doesn;t it? Thank you for your kind comments. Just started in on #6 and enjoying it, after the usual angst.


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