Scotch on the Rocks

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“No doubt about it: Lizzie Lamb has excelled with Scotch on the Rocks. A five star romance from a five star romantic novelist.” 

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my third novel – SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS. I’ve really enjoyed writing it and judging by the reviews I’ve received so far, readers have taken it to their hearts, too. Especially the errant parrot Pershing who speaks with a gruff Glaswegian accent.

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sunset over Loch Lomond © ELamb

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Castle Stalker © ELamb

“From the word go, the reader is sitting in the front rows watching the scenes taking place on the island of Eilean na Sgairbh as if it were a stage.”

“Lizzie’s books will cause you to starve your family, make you leave your washing to get soaked on the line and your dogs go unwalked!”

“(Lizzie) creates believable main characters who fall in once-in-a-lifetime love; she devises imaginative and unusual conflicts and tensions that threaten to keep the lovers apart; she develops a rich cast of supporting players who help and hinder the resolution to the lovers’ problems; and she describes fascinating and beautiful settings in which their story unfolds.”

Go over onto amazon and read all the reviews for yourself. Here’s what the novel is about . . .


How I imagined The Narrows which lead to Eilean na Sgairbh – Cormorant Island © ELamb


Where the men are men and the women are glad of it!

ISHABEL STUART is at the crossroads of her life.

Her wealthy industrialist father has died unexpectedly, leaving her a half-share in a ruined whisky distillery and the task of scattering his ashes on a Munro.  After discovering her fiancé playing away from home, she cancels their lavish Christmas wedding at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh and heads for the only place she feels safe – Eilean na Sgairbh, a windswept island on Scotland’s west coast -where the cormorants outnumber the inhabitants, ten to one.  

When she arrives at her family home – now a bed and breakfast managed by her left-wing, firebrand Aunt Esme, she finds a guest in situ – BRODIE. Issy longs for peace and the chance to lick her wounds, but gorgeous, sexy American, Brodie, turns her world upside down.  

In spite of her vow to steer clear of men, she grows to rely on Brodie.  However, she suspects him of having an ulterior motive for staying at her aunt’s B&B on remote Cormorant Island. Having been let down twice by the men in her life, will it be third time lucky for Issy? Is it wise to trust a man she knows nothing about – a man who presents her with more questions than answers?

As for Aunt Esme, she has secrets of her own . . .

There are lots of sub-themes in this novel – ancient hippies, Ban the Bomb, a deserted whisky distillery, an love-rat fiance, a gorgeous Yank in a kilt – Brodie, a fiery heroine, Issy and a cast of eccentric characters living on the island. which unfold as you turn the pages.

As one reader put it – “A very good story line, well paced, which keeps on developing new threads, almost to the last page.”

1-Best seller (3) Its a bit grainy, but I wanted to share that Scotch on the Rocks was #1 in the romance>Scottish charts within a week of launching in July. So I am, officially, an Amazon Bestseller (!) What next you ask? Well, I’m about to undertake the research for #4 – THIS HIGHLAND MAGIC. and if I run out of inspiration I have the music of Runrig to inspire me and this kilted hero to spur me on.

This Highland Magic

photograph courtesy of

  1. Love the book! But wish it had a phonetic pronunciation for the Scothish names/places. I stumble over the words in my mind while reading and know that the Gaelic pronumciation is NOT true to the way the words look.


    • newromanticspress

      Hi Dorothy, thanks for leaving a comment. If you go over to the Amazon page and ‘look inside’ The first few pages of the book you will find a guide to pronouncing the Gaelic words. For example: Eilean na Sgairbh = Ellan na Skariv. Gaelic is a very difficult language to pronounce phonetically, I think it sounds very romantic.


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