Take Me I’m Yours

Take Me I’m Yours

Art auctioneer, India Buchanan, has had enough of living in the Big Apple.

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She wants to run an English-Style bed and breakfast establishment in her great-aunt’s home, MacFarlane’s Landing, Wisconsin.


But she’s reckoned without the opposition of Logan MacFarlane whose family once owned the property, lost it in a game of cards to the Buchanans – and now want it back. 

MacFarlane is in no mood to be denied. His grandfather’s living on borrowed time and Logan has vowed to ensure the old man sees out his days in their former home.

India’s great-aunt has other ideas and has threatened to burn the house to the ground before she allows a MacFarlane to set foot in it.

There’s a story here. One the family elders aren’t prepared to share.

When India finds herself in Logan’s debt, her feelings towards him change.

However, the past casts a long shadow and events conspire to deny them the love and happiness they both deserve. Can India and Logan’s love overcome all odds? Or is history about to repeat itself?

What readers have said about Take Me, I’m Yours . . .


Another winner from Lizzie Lamb. Despite taking us away from her usual setting of Scotland, Lizzie nevertheless manages to weave her magic as she brings us this passionate story of love, land, family feuds and sizzling sexual

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A good story, set in a country I knew little of, but know a bit more about now. I’ve read all her books, and in fact I re-read a couple, so that shows you how good they must be. Beg, borrow or steal this one, you won’t regret it.

. . a gorgeous go-getting, gutsy heroine – one India Jane Buchanan – and a hero who makes the heart pound, – Logan MacFarlane.

If you’d like to read some of the opening chapters of Take Me, I’m Yours, here’s the link

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I am pleased to report Take Me, I’m Yours achieved Best Seller status soon after being launched. The price has now gone up to £1.99 and there are many more reviews for you to read before downloading a copy.

Sip and have fun!

I’m about to start writing #6, and I’m returning to Scotland for this one. I’m very excited about introducing new characters and a different setting to my readers . . . do follow my blog to keep up to date about progress with the novel.

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