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When I published Tall, Dark and Kilted in October 2012, I had it in mind to publish a second novel within a year. With Boot Camp Bride (published October 2013), I’ve managed just that! I went from a standing start of 13k words in December 2012 to the finished length of 114k words by July 2013. I spent all of August and most of September editing, cutting, proof reading and finding the perfect cover. I’ve loved writing both novels and I am pleased with how Boot Camp Bride has turned out. I hope you will feel the same way should you purchase a paperback or download the kindle version. Here’s to my Irish Twins . . . 


Boot Camp Bride – the blurb

Charlee Montague is an up-for-anything rookie reporter desperate for her big break. She dreams of something, anything, which will take her away from the daily grind at celebrity-driven magazine What’cha!  When she is sent undercover to a boot camp for brides on the windswept Norfolk marshes, it seems as if all her Christmases have come at once. Posing as a blushing bride-to-be, Charlee is sent to get the skinny on supermodel Anastasia Markova and her oligarch Russian boyfriend. However, every rookie needs a more experienced partner and Charlee is no exception. At her side (posing as her fiancé), is award winning photographer Rafael Ffinch. World-weary Rafa has recently survived a kidnap attempt in Colombia and is no mood to cut inexperienced Charlee any slack. He makes it plain at the outset of their assignment that there is no room for love in his life. Once the investigation is over, their partnership and fake engagement will be terminated. 

From the moment she sets foot in the boot camp Charlee senses that there is more to the simple ‘dish-the-dirt-on-the-A-list model’ story she’s been sent to cover. Journalistic antennae twitching, Charlee decides to carry out an investigation of her own. What’s the real reason behind Ffinch’s interest in the boot camp, super model Anastasia and her shady Russian fiancé? How is it connected to Rafa’s kidnap in Colombia? 

In setting out to uncover the truth, Charlee uncovers yet more secrets and puts herself in danger. And, as the investigation draws to a close, Charlee is faced with a dilemma – will she be able to keep her promise, hand back the engagement ring and walk away from gorgeous Rafa’s without a backward glance? 


Throughout November, I’ll be hosting four book launches with the other three members of the New Romantics 4. If you attend the Festival of Romance at Bedford on November 9th you’ll see me there and at the Gala Dinner – I’ve been shortlisted for The New Talent Award for Boot Camp Bride. Fingers crossed, eh? 

As for Irish Twins – it remains to see if they become triplets as I embark on rom com #3 in December 2013. Being as I return to the magical Highlands of Scotland for SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS, maybe I should change the name to this blog post to Celtic Twins !!

Links to Boot Camp Bride:

Amazon UK

**The term Irish Twins is used to describe two children born to the same mother in the same calendar year or within twelve months of each other. In modern use, the term is not intended as an insult, but rather a description of siblings born close together . . . just like my two novels, in fact !!

About Lizzie Lamb

I write contemporary women's fiction mostly based in Scotland with hot heroes, feisty heroines and always a happy ending. Along with three other authors - Adrienne Vaughan, June Kearns and Margaret Cullingford - I formed the New Romantics Press under which our books are published. I have published six books since 2012, the latest being Harper's Highland Fling. I am currently working on #7 which I hope to publish in 2022. In the meantime, do check out my Amazon page: and click 'FOLLOW' to keep up to date with me and my news.

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  1. Huge and warmest congratulations on the publication of your second novel Boot Camp Bride Lizzie, I’ve really enjoyed being with you on the journey so far and there’s so much more fun to come! Including the novel itself, which I started reading on my iPad last night and had to pick up and read more this morning. I’m just loving it, already crazy about Rafa – I have a real penchant for up-market, intelligent swains with a touch of poignancy – so he certainly fits the bill. As for Charlee – well, I’ve even got the vintage boots! Another runaway success, I reckon. And as for Irish twins…sure I know a few of them myself! Lovely reference.


    • So glad that you like Rafa, Adrienne. It was very difficult to get Ruairi (from Tall, Dark and Kilted) out of my head and to create a new hero. Oh, I do like an intelligent up-market swain with a bit of emotional baggage. I think Charlee is the perfect foil for him and his moodiness. Have only just discovered the term ‘Irish Twins’ but I think it fits the bill, perfectly.


  2. Great post Lizzie AND great book, genuinely loving it, real page turner, witty and sharp as a tack and guess what my mate wrote it, she’s dead clever and will be a hugely successful novelist forever, so there.

    Love you Ade xxx


    • Thanks Ade. You know how hard we’ve all worked to get our second novels out there for our November launches. I know that when the boxes of Boot Camp Bride arrive I’ll be doubly excited!! Can’t wait to read your new novel: A Change of Heart.


  3. Brilliant post, Lizzie as always. And mega congratulations on your second novel, generally acknowledged to be the most difficult one to write. It sounds fascinating and I’ll certainly be downloading it. Interesting too about the ‘Irish twins’, Here’s hoping that Boot Camp Bride is a runaway success, you deserve it.


    • Thanks for dropping by Margaret. You know just how much hard work goes into writing, formatting and uploading your own novels. Good luck with your novel for Choc Lit – Dangerous Decisions – later this month.


  4. Joan Davies-Bushby

    Well done Lizzie. Another fabulous book. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Looking forward to hearing about your third! Much more interesting than baby talk. Best of luck at the award dinner and don’t drink too much fizz.


    • Thanks for your congratulations, Joan. I can’t wait to return to Thornham and get some atmospheric photos of the marshes for my forthcoming blog post: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Am I allowed to mention the fact that we saw Phil Spencer in our hotel last time we visited Norfolk ?


    • I’ll try very hard not too have too much champagne. Or should that be prosecco?


    • I’ll do my best !!


  5. Thanks to Nettie at Meldrum Media for doing such a great job with my website. Do check it out and click on FOLLOW. LOVE the collage you made for me, Nettie.


  6. Another great blog, Lizzie. Can’t wait to read Boot Camp Bride. Sounds a corker. Actually, will have to. As one of the NR4, priority has to go to getting my second done and dusted and out there p.d.q.


  7. Margaret Cullingford

    Another great blog, LIzzie. Can’t wait to read BOOT CAMP BRIDE. Sounds a corker. Actually, will have to wait. As one of the NR4 I will have to give priority to getting my second novel done and dusted and out there. “Irish Twins”, a new one on me – nothing to do with TWINS OF A GAZELLE, are they?
    [Apologies if I’m repeating myself – thought I’d left a reply before, but it didn’t appear]


    • Ha, Mags, I think I made an unconscious link between Twins of a Gazelle and Irish Twins. So far, people have been very kind about Boot Camp Bride with lots of Facebook and Twitter friends downloading it. Looking fwd to my tweetathon tomorrow night. See you there !!


  8. Wow, Lizzie! Fantastic day. Huge congratulations!
    I’ve followed the path of Boot Camp Bride since it was just a twinkle in your eye, and absolutely love it. Love the main characters, and their relationship based on humour and argument, love the family dynamic and ingenious plot, adore the setting. I know how much you love Norfolk,now everyone else is going to be attracted to it, too!
    A fabulous read, and another well-deserved winner!


    • Thank you June. I hope that with book number two we all attract a whole new raft of readers and continue to build upon last year’s success. Its been quite a roller coaster ride but with book two I feel I (indeed, all of us) have reached a milestone in our development as writers. Can’t wait to read your new one as I absolutely adored AN ENGLISHWOMAN’S GUIDE TO THE COWBOY – even if Amazon wouldn’t let me leave a review. The Rotters.


  9. Congratulations, Lizzie! I shall be popping some fizz with you tomorrow for the launch! I thoroughly enjoyed Tall, Dark and Kilted, and from the blurb for Boot Camp Bride (love the title, by the way) I know I’m going to enjoy this one too. Enjoy your special day tomorrow.


    • Dear Judy, thank you so much for posting on my new blog. Its been ready since March but I haven;t been able to do much on it, for obvious reasons. I am having another tweetathon this year, remember last years? Harry Dunn has kindle offered to play the bagpipes for me. Thank you for your kind wishes, good luck with your writing, too.


  10. Congratulations Lizzie! I’m really looking forward to reading Boot Camp Bride, having loved your Tall Dark and Kilted. With Boot Camp Bride being set in my wonderful home county of Norfolk, it’s sure to have that extra something special for me.


    • Hi Kate thank you for coming over to leave a comment my blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed Talk, Dark and Kilted, I think you were one if the first to leave a review. I couldn’t resist setting my novel in Norfolk and Thornham in particular. There’s an element of suspense in Boot Camp Bride which I hope you will enjoy.


  11. It looks great, Lizzie, and I love the sound of Boot Camp Bride! Wishing you mega success.


    • Thanks you Rosemary. You know exactly how I feel today. A new day, a new book. Thank you for your good wishes – sending them back with interest for your new novel, too.


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