Guest Author Lizzie Lamb

Thanks to Rosie Amber for doing such a great job with my scribbled notes. I sound almost interesting. LOL.

Rosie Amber

Please give a warm welcome to Lizzie Lamb author of yesterday’s book Boot Camp Bride and Tall Dark and Kilted featured on the blog on May 28th

Lizzie Lamb New

1) Where is your home town,

Leicester, UK. Recently, the remains of King Richard III were located and exhumed in a Leicester City car park after lying there since 1485! Leicester is a very multi-cultural city and I think that one of my future romances will reflect that – plenty of research material to hand.

2) Have you always wanted to write romance?

I write what I love reading – and I love romance. Once, I thought I’d write historical novels because I have a history degree and love the subject. But I love the immediacy of contemporary romance. Having said that, I have the plot and outline for a romance set in Leicester (where else) in the 1960’s, I guess that’s history…

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  1. You’re welcome Lizzie, I love the camper van.


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