Life’s a beach… and then you read!

The New Romantics 4 Buy Last BIte of the Cherry by Margaret Cullingford on Amazon Buy The 20's Girl, the ghost, and all that jazz by June Kearns on Amazon Buy An Englishwoman's Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns on Amazon Buy A Change of Heart by Adrienne Vaughan on Amazon Buy The Hollow Heart by Adrienne Vaughan on Amazon Buy Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb on Amazon Buy Tall, Dark and Kilted by Lizzie Lamb

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  1. Looking fabulous ladies.

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  2. newromantics4

    Hi there. The summer holidays are fast approaching and you;re probably wondering what books to take with you for that all important ‘beach reading’ session you’ve promised yourself. Naturally I’m biased but I would recommend any of our books – but especially my two babies: Tall, Dark and Kilted and Boot Camp Bride. Click on each book and you will be taken over to the amazon site where you can read the blurb. Enjoy.


  3. I read Tall Dark and Kilted and absolutely loved it. The covers on these books are all yelling ‘read me, read me’. Per chance, is that some of Gary’s great poster work?


  4. Makes me want to read them all again!! Fantastic, what a cool idea, even though it all looks rather hot! 🙂


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