Pre-Christmas check in …

A lovely take on the festive season from long time friend and fellow writer Jan Brigden.

jan brigden, writer

Well what a busy old time I’ve had since my last post. Now here we are in December with Christmas almost upon us (hooray!) and 2020 waving at us over its shoulder.

I’m looking forward to receiving my edits for Book 2 – the sequel to As Weekends Go.  Both a nerve-wracking and exciting prospect but I know that whatever is suggested and advised it can only strengthen the novel. We’re a team and teammates support each other in producing what they hope is the best a story can be for the reader to hopefully enjoy.

October always starts well at Brigden Towers as the 4th is our wedding anniversary. 16 years married for me & Mr B this year and through all the ups, downs and somewhere-in-the-middles, we’re still a winning team.


This same week, I enjoyed a delightful pre-birthday treat from my gem of a best friend Clare…

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  1. Great to hear you have a new book coming out Jan -can’t wait to read it. Have a lovely Christmas and all good wishes for the New Year.


  2. Astrid Bennett Claas

    Lovely Blog, enjoyed reading it Jan! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Astrid, I hope Jan will join us at the Belmont Belles in 2020.


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